The writer

Hey everyone, or random person potentially (hopefully) reading this part. You have come to MY favorite part of the blog/site I created, and that’s the part where I get to talk about ME! Isn’t that great?…No. I didn’t think so, and believe me, I am not that conceded. Nevertheless, I will take a brief moment to talk about myself and my many, many great, and wonderful achievements, as well as success stories that I wish had taken place, or have yet happen to me…..

My name is Aaron as you already know I am the one behind the keyboard, staring at the screen typing all these potential typo’s and run on sentences. To say I am the creator of this site would be giving myself too much credit, and would take away from the wonderful advertisement currently in place by the blog/sites true creator. However, I am the one behind the words, and HOPEFULLY the funny commentary. It would be funny if you laugh, so you should laugh damnit! At the very least nod, or smile politely for no apparent reason as you read this, thank you! It made me feel better-briefly. Anyway, writing is something I love to do, even though I may never be good at it . I think I am good enough, but that’s my opinion and you can judge freely if I am or not (keep it to yourself!) I went to college where I studied both English, and literature; I would go on to receive my bachelors in both fields had I only pursued it to completion.

Of course, I don’t blame myself for my failures and setbacks, (like any right minded millennial, with a all about me attitude) but I do blame the economic down-turn of 2008, but that’s another story. During my brief stay in college, where I studied both English and literature, I was able to take away just enough (that I can remember) to get me by. That knowledge (or lack there of) should hopefully become apparent when you read my blogs. I have at least ONE published work (Frozen by Fire- A NaNoWrimo project) that I, and 500 plus novice writers can take credit for. It was a fun project, that helped  get my feet wet, into the very deep pool or ocean that is novel writing. It was a learning experience, I unfortunately have yet to repeat.

I should mention this is not my first blog attempt, I started another blog (but failed) called the “jibereport”. I think it’s remains can still be seen throughout this site, as it was originally hosted here before, and therefore haunts me as an unfinished project. I have also written, and updated articles on Wikipedia, under the guise “Fact Find”.

That was my very extensive, and qualified list of achievements, that I have contributed to the writing world. Now for the personal stuff.

I was born 27 years ago. When I was little I always loved telling stories, and making stories up in my head to tell my parents, grandma, random kid poking their nose, or anyone that would listen. They were more than likely annoyed with my repetition, and frequent use of dinosaurs as my overarching characters in my plot lines.

I hope to one-day write a novel, or at the very least successfully establish and maintain a blog where I can voice my thoughts, and write for enjoyment at the same time. When I am not busy working (or pretending to when my boss is around) or on here, writing for the sake of listening to me talk in writing form; I can be found keeping myself occupied with my many hobbies. These hobbies make my wife happy, that I have a actual job, and that she doesn’t know I have quit my job, and committed to this full time (sorry babe). Wait, what?…..

I have a beautiful wife who supports me in EVERY random thing I do, (thank you) and I have a beautiful daughter that keeps me on my toes. I love them both very much!