It has to be done; I must mention the disclaimers. As it should be clearly stated on different sections of this site, I am writing on stuff that has either already been reported on, or made mentioned by different sources. I do NOT own, or take credit for what I write about (when it comes to reporting news) I will make sure I post all sited sources, and give credit to any sources or reports that are not my own. All topics blogged about are based off of my opinion and my personal views, they do NOT reflect the views of my readers, (if any) or of the credited sources from which I obtained them. Blog posts which are of MY own personal thoughts, matters, opinions, or concerns are the sole expression of my own interpretation on the topics in which they discuss, and as such will not be sited for sources. (unless needed) Please, try NOT to take offense to anything discussed on here. I will do my best to be non-offensive as possible, but please DON’T take anything personally. I am doing this for fun and as a hobby (I like to write) I am not compensated by any news affiliated entity. All my post will either be reports on things I find interesting (and will be credited to proper owners/sources of original work) in the news, or will be MY OWN personal musings. This blog will serve multiple purposes, one of which is to report on random, nonsensical happenings, and the other is to host my random thoughts, as well as potentially the thoughts of those who may read or contribute to this blog in any way shape or form.

Thank you!