The NaN is a blog site where all things random, and of rather little importance, go to be observed and reported on. Its sole purpose it to take random news, that doesn’t typically grace headlines, and report on them as if they were a big deal! Clearly, we all want to know about the meaningless things that are going on right? (no, is it just me?) Well, if you are curious like me or not, this blog should provide some relief from the major headlines of important news (that is breaking everyday) to those who just want to take a break from all of it, and read up on something funny, or interesting that otherwise wouldn’t have had a place to be talked about. (how sad)


It all started when I read an article about something that sparked my interest. A pizza. A pizza that stretched a mile long had been made, and was set to grace the record books. I thought: “OH! this- this is GOOD!” It was good because it had tons of cheese and toppings, and the pictures made me wish I was there to eat some of it. Later that day (while I was eating a slice of pizza) I thought there should be a site/blog (which probably already exist, and I am sure it’s doing well) where these little pockets of random news, get a chance to be talked up like their important counterparts. I thought to myself, I have to do it! I must try! I made it my personal mission to create this blog, and report the nonsense, random news, as though it was the only news that mattered.


I just want to get this random information out there! It needs to be heard, and it needs to be known! I wish to report on these random happenings from a perspective that is my own, and due to the fact that this is a hobby for me, I am not restrained from doing just that. The end goal is to hopefully make some one out there laugh and peak their interest in all things random, or at the very least, provide a decent toilet- read. (something to pass the time) In all seriousness; I hope that everyone who stops by this blog/site will appreciate the news that’s on here, and find it every bit as entertaining/interesting as I do.

Thanks for stopping by, and taking a read.