A Hard Hitting Question

On Thursday, (July 28th, 2017) societies toughest question was asked….. Is there alien life on other planets? What is humanities purpose? Will we solve world hunger? Will we have world peace? What is the future of America? All these questions are absolutely difficult to ask of society and expect a simple answer. However, it was neither of those above mentioned questions that caused social media, and basically the internet, to start a mini uproar.

PETA asked:

“Present your best argument for eating bacon.”

That’s right, PETA asked for those on social media and the internet to present their best argument for eating the artery clogging, cholesterol filled, deep fried, thin strips of heaven in food form goodness; and as you can imagine the response was inevitable. Twitter users lashed out with a host of memes, gifs, and their own tweets to combat against PETA’s embolden question against one of mankind’s greatest discoveries. The best response came from Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) who simply posted a picture of himself sitting down with a milk shake, and a bacon cheeseburger, with emphasis applied to the bacon in the cheeseburger.

PETA asked the question in attempts to fend off any arguments opposed to their vegan prowess. They were under the impression that there would be no argument sufficient enough to thwart their attempts. What they anticipated was the internet equivalent of a nicely polished and decorated gym room, with long tables sitting upfront and center, opposite one another, adorn with tidy name placards and a banner hanging overhead welcoming it’s audience as well as its rivals  to the 2017 internet debate team showdown. What PETA actually received was a WWE main event match up, that pitted them against Dwayne Johnson, in a extremely one sided beating, that later gave opportunity for the audience to come down at ring side, and throw undercooked strips of bacon at them.maxresdefaultPETA was extremely unprepared, and could not really piece together any sort of defense against the barrage of incoming twitter attacks. The would-be debate took a turn for the worse when twitter users began to slam them on accusations on how they treat domesticated pets; who instead of being given the opportunity to be placed in homes, are instead euthanized. PETA’s response to these claims seemed to be a continuous spamming of what appeared to be a service announcement on THEIR OWN take on the alleged allegations brought upon them. Sure, it’s easy to justify yourself in a investigation, if you’re the one essentially investigating yourself! In the end it proved to be  a hard hitting question for PETA, as they received blow after blow, and did very little to defend themselves. (Look at how they left him! PEETA NO!)IMG_0368

I suppose the take away from this ruffling of fur and feathers is that: I need better comedic material, than a hunger games reference, and that there are questions being asked, that necessarily don’t need to be asked, or answered in the first place. But if such irrelevant questions are going to be asked, they best be well defended.


My source of information for this post are in the links below. You can also see quite a few of the hilarious memes by clicking on the link directly below this sentence.

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