Prada’s Amazing Money clip

14259330_G.jpgIf you are in the market for something to throw an unnecessary amount of money on, then look no further. Prada has released a designer money CLIP, that allows you to hold all the pretention of two self absorbed ego’s in one sleek paperclip design. (I have mine on lay-way). The price of this jumbo sized paper-clip starts at a very reasonably priced $185.00, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my money.

I went to my local office supply store and immediately picked up my paperclip style money clip; I did pay a little extra for my gold-plated edition, but it was totally worth it: img-thing.jpgYep, that’s my money-clip, gold plated for those who don’t think I “got it” like that. I spoke to a store manager at the local office supply store where I picked up my gold plated baddy, and I asked how they were able to sell these high fashion pieces at such a low price, his answer was simple: “We get them in bulk from Officemate” I was floored! In bulk? I couldn’t believe it! I asked if he would comment on Prada’s over-priced edition, and if it affected them in anyway, he said no.  Either way, I prefer my gold-plated LIMITED edition, as opposed to the sterling silver one I have placed on lay-way. My gold-plated money clip will hold me over until I am able to pick up my Prada clip later  in July. However, both are just mere place holders until I am able to purchase my Jumbo Paper Clip style Prada key-ring, scheduled to release sometime in the near future. I did a little detective work, and I discovered a leaked photo of the Jumbo Paper Clip style Prada key ring: Paperclip-1_largeI can’t wait!